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There is perhaps no more powerful tool than theatre to reach children. It taps into the instinct with which they are born, the instinct to explore by pretending — the instinct that, unfortunately, all too often is attacked by a world that pushes them to focus more on how they measure up than on who they truly are and can be.


Backstage at Willy Wonka

We created CCT’s YouTheatre program to give students the opportunity to experience the magic and camaraderie that creating a live theatrical production can bring. We have 2 branches in our YouTheatre program. Our PB&J Players consists of 1st -6th graders, while our Teen group consists of 7th -12th graders. Each season we audition and produce fall and spring shows with each group. In the summer we bring them all together and cast a show entirely of students in 1st through 12th grades. For many of them, this is their first time on stage and many of them form bonds, friendships, memories, and skills that last long after the curtain falls.

Theatre can help a child grow in the following ways:

Little Shop of Horrors

  • Improves communication skills
  • Encourages use of imagination
  • Gives an opportunity to express oneself
  • Helps develop the ability to think critically
  • Encourages cooperation with others in achieving a joint goal
  • Helps develop moral values
  • Helps develop sensitivity and understanding of the feelings of others
  • Provides a safe and welcoming environment
  • Fosters peer acceptance and self-worth

Our 2017-18 YouTheatre Productions

Show-specific audition information will be posted 2-3 weeks prior to each audition.

For actors in grades 7-12
Aug. 27 & 28
Oct. 19-22
For actors in grades 1-6
Oct. 1 & 3
Nov. 10-12
For actors in grades 1-6
Dec. 3 & 5
Jan. 26-28 & Feb 3-5
For actors in grades 7-12
Feb. 4 & 6
Mar. 23-25
For actors in grades 1-12
May 20 & 21
Aug. 3-12

Thank you to our 2017-18 YouTheatre Sponsor:

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