PB&J Auditions – Honk Jr

Sunday, October 1, 3:00 p.m.
Tuesday, October 3, 6:00 p.m.

Director/Music Director: Paul Lindley II
Stage Manager: Julian Deleon
Choreographer: Lisa Sendler

Columbia Children’s Theatre at Richland Mall (directions)

Open to all actors in grades 1-6, only.

Please plan to arrive before the start time listed above to register for auditions. If possible, fill out the audition form and conflict calendar in advance (link below). The audition process should take approximately 2 hours.



Each actor only needs to attend one audition session.

Rehearsals begin October 10th. Rehearsals will generally be held Monday through Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and afternoons, and Sunday afternoons.

Performances will be November 10-12, 2017

ABOUT THE SHOW (From Music Theatre International)

Adapted for young performers, and with a score by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (Mary Poppins), Honk! JR. is a heartwarming celebration of being different that is sure to delight audiences of all ages with its sparkling wit, unique charm and memorable score.  Witty and hilarious, but also deeply moving, Honk! JR. will treat your audiences to equal amounts of laughter and tears.

Ugly looks quite a bit different from his darling duckling brothers and sisters. The other animals on the farm are quick to notice and point this out, despite his mother’s protective flapping. Feeling rather foul about himself, the little fowl finds himself on an adventure of self-discovery, all the while unknowingly outwitting a very hungry Cat. Along the way, Ugly meets a whole flock of unique characters and finds out being different is not a bad thing to be.


Ducklings: Beaky, Fluff, Billy, Downy are Ugly’s siblings. They are among the “popular” ones in the duck yard who enjoy making Ugly feel left out.

Ugly: The ugly duckling and the main character of HONK! JR. Innocent, easily confused and very impressionable, Ugly doesn’t understand why it is wrong being different. However, his insecurities melt away as his character gradually changes from a gullible duckling to a wise swan, filled with self-esteem. He is the heart and soul of the show.

Ida: Ugly’s mom. Ida is extremely protective of her son and committed to his safety. She is sweet but feisty, and she knows how to handle her husband, Drake. After Ugly is lured away from the barnyard by the Cat, Ida is determined to find him. Ida and Ugly’s relationship is a key ingredient of the show. She is the one who teaches him that it is OK to be different.

Drake: Ida’s husband. Drake is a sarcastic character. He is the stereotypical sitcom father – often shirking his parental duties. Drake finds Ugly quite repulsive and isn’t afraid to say it to anyone, including his wife.

Maureen: A moorhen and Ida’s best friend. (Originally found on the moors, a moorhen is a hen that lives near the water.) Maureen genuinely loves Ida, but she can’t resist a bit of good gossip. To the little ducklings, she is the typical annoying and overly affectionate “aunt.”

The Cat: The sly, cunning villain of the show. All of the other animals are deathly afraid of him. He is manipulative, cunning, witty and above all, HUNGRY. The Cat pretends to be Ugly’s friend so he can eat him.

Greylag: A somewhat pompous goose and washed-up British military type, Greylag tends to over glorify his mundane activities (i.e. migrating South) to the level of military operation status. Only his wife, Dot, truly knows how to handle him.

Dot: A motherly type, she is genuinely concerned with helping Ugly find his mother. Dot doesn’t think that Greylag, her husband, is an entirely capable leader, but she kindly humors his “over the top” actions.

Barnacles/Snowy/Pinkfoot: The geese in Greylag’s “squad.”

The Bullfrog: A laidback, self confident frog with whom Ugly comes into contact in the second half of the show.

Penny: The young, beautiful swan that Ugly saves from a tangled fishing net. She is able to see beyond Ugly’s looks and she loves him for who he is.

Father Swan/Mother Swan/Berwick: Penny’s family. They help to console Ida when she thinks her son has dies, and they offer to take Ugly with them when they migrate.

Grace: The most distinguished duck on the lake. Very aristocratic, she is considered the queen of the duck yard. All of the other animals look up to Grace and respect her.

The Turkey: The headmaster of the ducklings’ school. The Turkey is a bit snobbish and joins in the fun of teasing Ugly. There is of course one word that send shivers down his spine – THANKSGIVING!

Henrietta: A hen and another of Maureen’s friends. Henrietta and Maureen gossip about the goings on in the duck yard. She takes great pleasure in making fun of Ugly.

Jay Bird: An investigative reporter. A very “in your face” bird, all she/he cares about is getting a good story. She/He is the typical TV news personality who one would find on a reality TV show like “America’s Most Wanted.” She/He reports a story about Ugly’s disappearance.

The Farmer/Boy/Girl: The only humans in the show. They are never seen by the audience, only their voices are heard.

Ensemble: The remaining actors in the company play a number of different roles. Throughout the action of the play they take on roles as barn yard animals, geese, children at play, froglets, and part of the Blizzard scene.

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