Disney’s The Little Mermaid Cast

mermaidLogoCongratulations to the cast of this summer’s Disney’s The Little Mermaid! We had such an amazing turnout that we will have two completely different casts, each with their own weekend. With so many cast members we will need to have 2 read-throughs.  The read-through/script-pickup/fee payment nights will be Tuesday, June 3rd for the Aqua Cast and Wednesday, June 4th for the Coral Cast, both from 6:00 – 8:00. 

The Aqua Cast will perform August 1-3.
The Coral Cast will perform August 8-10.

Please watch your emails for the announcement and reply to Candy if you accept or decline your role. We’re excited to spend the summer under the sea with all of these talented young actors!

Actor (alpha by last name) Cast Role
Ian Aitken Coral Seahorse
Kayla Alexander Coral Jetsam
Kiana Alexander Coral Atina – Mersister
Emily Anderson Aqua Chef 1
Summer Araya Coral Lagoon 3
Zoe Becraft Coral Merfolk 8
Nicholas Beitz Coral Poor Soul 4
Zachary Beitz Coral Sailor 5
Brooks Bell Coral Sailor 8
Madison Bell Coral Poor Soul 1
Donald Blackmon Coral Eric
Liam Blair Coral Sailor 10
Olivia Blair Coral Aquata – Mersister
Izzy Blevins Coral Lagoon 1
Laila Borders Aqua Chef 9
Abigail Bradley Aqua Merfolk 3
Jessica Bradley Aqua Adella – Mersister
Florie Braquet Coral Lagoon 8
Anna Brooks Aqua Princess 4
Adelaide Brown Coral Chef 2
Eliza Brown Coral Lagoon 2
Tyler Burroughs Aqua Sailor 2
Tyson Burroughs Aqua Gull 4
Kathryn Campbell Coral Chef 1
Hannah Chalfant Coral Sea Creature 10
Sophie Chen Aqua Merfolk 2
Caroline Clayton Aqua Merfolk 10
Alex Cone Aqua Sailor 5
Hannah Cook Aqua Merfolk 7
Kate Cook Coral Princess 5
Lilly Coveney Aqua Aquata – Mersister
Elizabeth Crosby Coral Lagoon 9
Megan Crutchfield Aqua Princess 5
Abby Davis Coral Chef 4
Asia Davis Aqua Merfolk 5
Christian Davis Coral Merfolk 5
Emily Davis Coral Poor Soul 5
Hannah Davis Coral Sea Creature 5
Julianne Davis Coral Sebastian
Lorelai Davis Coral Merfolk 9
Marissa Derrick Coral Gull 4
Cate Dingeldine Coral Flounder
Courtney Hope Diveley Aqua Flounder
Joshua Diveley Aqua Scuttle
Noah Diveley Aqua King Triton
Taylor Diveley Aqua Eric
Eva Eargle Coral Poor Soul 6
Laura Eargle Coral Sea Creature 1
Favour Ekechukwu Coral Flotsam
Victoria Ekechukwu Coral Princess 1
Elisbeth Eleazer Coral Sea Creature 6
Infinity Evans Aqua Gull 1
Troy Evans Aqua Pilot
Maximus Farr Coral Poor Soul 8
Olivia Fish Aqua Poor Soul 3
Cleo Floyd-Johnstone Aqua Poor Soul 6
TaylorAnne Fogarty Aqua Lagoon 8
Kylee Frye Coral Merfolk 10
Kaitlyn Fuller Coral Chef Louis
Lola Gantt Coral Lagoon 7
Emmalyn Gilbreth Aqua Sea Creature 9
Nati Glowacki Aqua Seahorse
Rachel Glowacki Aqua Princess 3
Chinira Godfrey Coral Sea Creature 8
Taylen Goodwin Coral Chef 9
Kirslyn Gunter Aqua Sea Creature 11
Georgie Harrington Coral Andrina – Mersister
Anthony Harvey Aqua Chef Louis
Sequila Hayes Aqua Chef 5
Elizabeth Hinson Aqua Sea Creature 6
Kamen Hogan Aqua Merfolk 6
Dani Hu Aqua Sea Creature 4
Emma Imholz Coral Ariel
Alyssa Inscore Coral Princess 4
Sophia Jackson Coral Allana – Mersister
Mariah James Aqua Poor Soul 5
David Jeffrey Coral Sailor 4
Madison Jerome Aqua Princess 1
Meghan Jerome Aqua Atina – Mersister
Andrew Johnson Aqua Sailor 4
Damani Johnson Aqua Sailor 6
Kadence Johnston Aqua Chef 3
Julian Jones Aqua Poor Soul 1
Marion Jones Aqua Gull 2
Sofie Jones Coral Chef 7
Lyra Jordan Aqua Lagoon 9
Alex Kelley Aqua Flotsam
Jaime Kelley Coral Princess 2
Anna-Caroline Kendall Aqua Sailor 10
Clare Kerwin Aqua Lagoon 6
Kylee Kest Aqua Merfolk 8
Mae Ketchum Aqua Lagoon 4
Damiya Knox Aqua Sea Creature 1
Meg Krawczyk Aqua Princess 2
Sarah Krawczyk Aqua Andrina – Mersister
Mira Lathren Aqua Sailor 9
Lily Lawther Coral Merfolk 2
Nya Lee Aqua Arista – Mersister
Yasmin Lee Aqua Princess 6
Delaney LeRoy Coral Gull 5
Isabel Lessley Coral Carlotta
Elizabeth Loua Coral Chef 5
Cullen Maas Aqua Poor Soul 4
Katelynn Manning Coral Poor Soul 2
Anna Martin Coral Merfolk 1
Ashlyn Martin Coral Sea Creature 3
Kelli McAlhany Aqua Gull 5
Aiden McCabe Aqua Chef 6
Rian McCallum Aqua Sea Creature 2
Katie McConnell Coral Sea Creature 11
Sam McConnell Coral Sailor 1
Yaya McDaniel Aqua Lagoon 1
Maximillian Mercier Aqua Lagoon 2
Heyward Moak Coral Ursula
Samantha Moore Aqua Carlotta
McKayla Moran Coral Princess 6
Desiree Moriarty Coral Adella – Mersister
Baker Morrison Coral Scuttle
Hannah Mount Aqua Ariel
Mattie Mount Aqua Sebastian
Sarah Mueller Aqua Merfolk 1
Ashlynn-Grace Myers Coral Sea Creature 9
Emma Myers Coral Chef 3
Natalia Navarro Coral Arista – Mersister
Olivia Newman Aqua Sea Creature 3
Amaya Nobles Aqua Chef 8
Angelina Nolan Coral Sailor 9
Raleigh Norris Coral Chef 10
Rayne Norris Coral Sailor 6
Toby O’Connor Aqua Sailor 3
Ellis Pavlick Aqua Chef 4
Laney Peyton Aqua Sailor 8
Tristyn Price Coral Lagoon 6
Lucinda Pringle Coral Merfolk 3
Joshua Quay Aqua Sailor 1
Gali Ramos Coral Sea Creature 2
Lucius Ramos Coral Sailor 3
Callie Reid Coral Gull 3
Nathaniel Riley Coral King Triton
Arielis Rivera Coral Chef 6
Logan Rivers Coral Poor Soul 3
Abby Robillard Aqua Merfolk 9
Hayley Robillard Aqua Lagoon 10
Mason Robinson Aqua Poor Soul 8
Terrin Robinson Aqua Lagoon 5
Imani Ross-Jackson Aqua Ursula
Zaire Ross-McCloud Aqua Poor Soul 2
Olivia Rozier Coral Chef 8
Kennedi Sanders Coral Merfolk 6
Luke Schrader Aqua Poor Soul 7
Samantha Scott Coral Princess 3
Martha Shaffer Coral Gull 6
Keenan Shealy Aqua Gull 3
Anna Shull Coral Sailor 11
Alana Smith Aqua Chef 7
Grace Smith Coral Gull 2
Molly Smith Aqua Lagoon 3
Nathan Smith Coral Sailor 7
Olivia Smith Coral Gull 1
Riley Smith Coral Grimbsy
Shaelyn Stalcup Coral Sea Creature 4
Annabelle Stevenson Coral Merfolk 4
Cort Stevenson Coral Pilot
Ashton Stokes Coral Lagoon 4
Garrett Stokes Coral Sailor 2
Hannah Suggs Aqua Chef 10
Anna Swearingen Aqua Gull 6
Cecila Taylor Aqua Chef 2
Kelsey Taylor Coral Lagoon 5
McKenzie Taylor Aqua Merfolk 4
Sydnie Taylor Aqua Sea Creature 8
Olivia Timmerman Aqua Jetsam
Taylor Toliver Coral Merfolk 7
Sydney Vaught Aqua Sea Creature 5
Makiya Veeropen Coral Sea Creature 7
Jacqueline Walker Coral Lagoon 10
Alli Warren Aqua Sea Creature 10
Blyth Webb Coral Poor Soul 7
Corin Williams Aqua Grimbsy
Hadley Williams Aqua Lagoon 7
Jerryanna Williams Aqua Allana – Mersister
Saniya Williams Aqua Sea Creature 7
Noah Zeis Aqua Sailor 7
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  1. Trinity S. Davis

    Please send me any information for upcoming auditions

    • Hi Trinity! Our next YouTheatre auditions will be this fall, most likely in September. I’ll add you to our email newsletter list so you’ll be sure to get the announcement when the auditions are scheduled.

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