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Sunday, May 21, 6:00 p.m.
Monday, May 22, 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 23, 6:00 p.m.



Columbia Children’s Theatre
Second Level of the Richland Mall (directions)

Open to all actors currently in 1st – 12th grade  (2016-17 academic year)

Please plan to arrive BEFORE the start time listed above to fill out the audition form and conflict calendar, or download one to complete in advance. (see link below) 

Directed by Julian Deleon

What you need to know about our Audition Process:

  • Download and Complete the Anything Goes Audition Form and Conflict Calendar (pdf)
  • Please review the Anything Goes Production Info (pdf). It is full of audition, rehearsal, and production information. If you have any questions we will have staff at auditions to assist you.
  • We will start with our youngest actors and work our way to the oldest. 
  • We will teach everyone part of a song from the show.
  • We will teach you a standard dance combination geared toward your age group.
  • There may be cold readings from the script. We will provide the script.
  • If you are a tap dancer bring your tap shoes. We may teach you a short tap combination.

The actor only needs to attend one of the audition sessions listed above. If needed we may ask them to return for a callback audition. Callbacks will be held on Wednesday, May 24th @ 6:00 p.m.

It is highly likely that we will have two separate casts. Rehearsals will begin in early June and will generally take place on weekday evenings and Saturday & Sunday afternoons.  Every actor will not be called to every rehearsal. We do our very best to schedule rehearsals around summer schedules (vacation, camps, etc). There are no absences allowed beginning July 26th. However, starting July 31st the 2nd weekend cast will not be required to attend any rehearsals until August 7th.

Performances will be August 4-6 and August 11-13, 2017 at Freddie E. Grace Jr. Theatre at W.G. Sanders Middle School, 3455 Pine Belt Road, Columbia, SC 29204.

About the show (From Tams-Witmark)

The S. S. American is sailing between New York and England with a comically colorful assemblage of passengers: Reno Sweeney, a popular nightclub singer and former evangelist, her pal Billy Crocker, a lovelorn Wall Street broker who has come aboard to try to win the favor of his beloved Hope Harcourt (who is engaged to another passenger, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh), and a second-rate conman named Moonface Martin, aka “Public Enemy #13.” Song, dance, and farcical antics ensue as Reno and Moonface try to help Billy win the love of his life.

Music and Lyrics by COLE PORTER

Character Breakdown

  • Elisha J. Whitney is a rich businessman with expensive taste. He is demanding, straightforward, and knows what he wants.
  • Casey is the owner of the bar in Manhattan who attends to Whitney while he waits for Billy.
  • Billy Crocker is the show’s leading young man with stars in his eyes and a sweet, earnest disposition. He is Whitney’s assistant and gets in a ton of trouble in pursuit of love.
  • Reno Sweeney is foremost an entertainer and can command attention just by walking through the door. Reno enjoys the spotlight and easily makes friends with everyone she meets.
  • Betty and Estelle are young women saying goodbye to their sailors heading off to sea.
  • The Sailors provide support and life for the world of the show.
  • The Captain is a man of authority, but he is a bit more concerned with making sure the ship has a celebrity aboard than the voyage itself.
  • The Purser and the Deck Stewardess are essentially the Captain’s right and left hands.
  • The Minister, or Henry T. Dobson, is a pious, religious man traveling with his most recent converts.
  • Luke and John are recent converts to Christianity with a weakness for gambling.
  • Reno’s four Angels are a pack of ladies with the vocal and dance stylings to back up Reno.
  • Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt is Hope’s overbearing mother who truly wants the best for her daughter and herself, and she will go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure she doesn’t end up poor.
  • Hope Harcourt is the perfect mixture of poise and properness befitting her upper class status.
  • Lord Evelyn Oakleigh is a British gentleman betrothed to Hope Harcourt.
  • Moonface Martin is a gangster who is on the run (as usual).
  • Erma is Moonface Martin’s partner in crime.
  • The ENSEMBLE is stocked full of vivid characters, including featured Passengers, Reporters, Photographers, FBI Agents, Announcer, an Old Lady, and a Cook that help create the greater world of the ship and the play.
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